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Straight Man Perspective

My younger brother is gay. Gay as laughter. Gay as the day is long. One of the finest moments in my life, and one of the greatest compliments anyone has ever paid me, was the day he felt safe to come out to me. He’s in his mid-30s now, but he’ll always be my little brother. And man, I love that kid. He’s brilliant, he’s funny, and he’s kind. And he just married a phenomenal man.

I was always predisposed to like his husband because, y’know, he’s my brother’s partner and therefore has automatic status in my heart. The wonderful bonus is that I really like him. He’s brilliant, he’s funny, and he’s kind. He’s a cool dude to hang out with. He also stood by my brother like a rock when my brother had a life-threatening cancer that cost him his left eye.

They married in May. It was…

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Hi… I guess.

This sort of thing is new to me. I’m used to writing in solitude… things that will probably only ever be seen by my eyes and a few others. To be honest, this sort of blog probably won’t be seen by many more people than that. I suppose I should say why I am writing this blog.


I am a writer… a novelist in fact. And one day… I hope to finish my novel, which has the same name as this blog. However, I am not just a writer.

I am a female.

I am a lesbian.

I am almost 21 years old.

I have been, essentially, homeless.

I do not have an English degree. Hell, I don’t have any sort of degree.

I am unemployed.

I have ADD, OCD, PTSD, GAD, and a mood disorder that my doctor refuses to call bipolar.

And most of all… I think blogging is silly.


However, I’ve heard blogging can help writers block… and depression… and anxiety…. hell it can probably even cure the common cold for all I know. But I suppose I’ll give it a shot. Why not, right?


But overall…

My name is Alexandra. I am a writer. This is my blog, and I am pretty sure no one will ever read it.